Welcome to Dexal Cup!

Floorball's official sport drink, Dexal and Arena Center proudly present the traditional season ending tournament for Men, Women and Company teams.

Registrate your team here!

Registration deadline is 3.4.2017

The 2017 tournament will be played 6.-7.5.2017

  • Mens Elite 6.-7.5.2017
  • Mens Challenge 6.-7.5.2017
  • Mens Fun 6.-7.5.2017
  • Womens Elite 6.5.2017
  • Womens Challenge 6.5.2017
  • Business 6.5.2017
    NOTICE! Business and women's categories will be played during one day 6.5.2017

VIP-after party for Dexal Cup teams!

Maxine.pngArena Center & Night People Group will host an after party for teams participating in the tournament. After partys will be arranged in restaurant Maxine (Helsinki centrum). Each participating team is granted access through the VIP-line for free.